Enjoy the No Fly Zone in a Luxury Motorcoach

Enjoy the No Fly Zone in a Luxury Motorcoach

Have you ever gotten to the airport and thought, There must be a better way!” Commercial air travel has many drawbacks: the drive to the airport, parking, dealing with security, waiting at the gate, then going back through the whole process on the other end.

Maybe you dont like to fly because it makes you anxious or nauseated. Perhaps its difficult because of health concerns or because you have a family member with special needs. If you have a beloved pet or service animal, air travel can be particularly challenging. And flying with children is enough to stress out even the most seasoned parent (as well as your fellow passengers).

There is a better way! Goss RV provides a luxurious, relaxing, stress-free way to reach your destination. Imagine your five-star resort on wheels arriving at your door, perhaps already stocked with beverages and snacks of your choice. Goss can even provide private driver services, so you dont even have to get behind the wheel.

Not only do you get to relax in comfort, but you can thoroughly enjoy the scenery, watching the countryside roll past your window. There is no luggage limit, so bring your entire shoe collection, all the toys your child will want, or any medical equipment you may need. There is no need to stop for restroom breaks, with beautiful, private bathrooms located mere steps from your seat. Children and adults can play, enjoy satellite-in-motion TV, or sleep peacefully. Pets are welcome. Business travel is a breeze in a luxury RV: work on the go, make as many stops as you like, even meet with clients in your elegant motorcoach.

You can stop whenever you want. Not only can you stretch your legs, but you can visit a beautiful overlook, see the sunset, watch the waves, or grab lunch outside. You can unpack once and sleep in a bed with your own pillow. Tow your own familiar car behind to explore your destination once you arrive.

Your RV will never be overbooked, the food is much better, and you will always know who youre traveling with. Your luggage wont get lost and your pets can come with you. So forget the hassles of the airport and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Call us to get your trip started and rent a luxury motorcoach from Goss RV.


A Passion for Motorsports

A Passion for Motorsports

Goss RV’s Ben Carter and driver Kevin Clifford on the way to the tower paddock to visit some teams. Kevin explains what life is like during a big racing weekend like Petit le Mans.

Goss RV’s Ben Carter’s roots run deep in motorsports. He has a long history with and love of the industry. Ben’s uncle loved NASCAR and would take his young nephew to most major tracks in the Southeast. Fast-forward to 2012 when Ben joined the Goss RV family, and Ben really began to appreciate auto racing. With each race Ben attends, his desire to learn is fed by his interactions with drivers, team managers and owners.  And, the sport is a natural fit for Ben’s love of the outdoors, speed, and powerful cars.

Ben is geeky about the inner workings of motorsports, but he’s also a true fan. Being at a track and watching the drivers precisely take tight turns, tap the brakes, and rev the engines is a wonderful day for Ben. There is nothing quite like attending a motorsports event in person!

The Annual Motul Petit Le Mans ran early October. When one of the premier events is happening in your own backyard, you go! Ben went – differently this time!  He was able to be an insider, spending time with one of the premier motorsports drivers, Kevin Clifford. Kevin lives in Atlanta and has been a part of racing his entire life. He has raced professionally for years in various circuits, and is a lead instructor for Porsche. He gave Ben an inside look at how a race team operates. Most intriguing to Ben was how different tires are used, and the tire pressure adjustments that are made in order to stay competitive in a race. It’s quite challenging considering that a track can change temperature by more than 40 degrees in one day.

Ben and Goss RV have great relationships with some of the top motorsports teams. Walking the pits and talking to Goss RV clients with Kevin allowed Ben to see more. Whether it was a conversation with drivers or a visit with a Goss RV client who was also attending the race, Ben’s mind was running, thinking about ways Goss RV could provide more experiences within the motorsports community.

Ben and the Goss RV family continue to build their understanding and love motorsports. They know it’s rare to be in a business you love within a sport that you enjoy so much. And you can’t ask for much more than that.

Ben Carter, “My Day at Motul Petit Le Mans, 2019”

Watching the cars fly out of Turn 8 on the way down the backstretch.

The iconic Porsche 911 RSR with a special Coca-Cola design honoring the two companies’ shared success in motorsport history.

The always busy Erin Gahagan (Team Manager for Wright Motorsports) spared a few minutes of her time to talk about their team, drivers in 2020, and ideas for the future.

Saying hello to the young and incredibly talented Porsche GT3 Cup driver, Max Root.

All the comforts of home in side-by-side Goss RV luxury motorcoaches!

Visiting with friends Stacy Root and her brother, Gaylon Neustel. Their family was there to cheer on Max Root and the #7 car in another great weekend of racing!

Max and his family relax in a Goss RV motorcoach at every race! Their days are busy with racing, and the Root family enjoys the convenience of their “home away from home” just steps from the pits.

Kevin and Ben watching the cars come into Turn 1, as Kevin explains what it’s like to go through a turn at 160 mph!

A busy day with lots of practice, qualifying, and races – always looking at what was coming up next!

Catching up with long-time Goss RV client Nick DeVita of the Paul Miller Racing team. Their Lamborghini is always competitive!


The beautiful and powerful Risi Competizione Ferrari in the pits between practices.

Visiting with Anna Lenzi from Risi Competizione, marketing and sponsorship, and discussing needs for her drivers and crew during the big endurance races. They won first place in the GTLM division at Petit le Mans!

Visiting a Goss RV race fan who had a great spot in turn 6 and 7, near the skid pad.

Goss RV Presenting Sponsor of Equus Film Festival

Goss RV Presenting Sponsor of Equus Film Festival

Goss RV Luxury Motorcoaches: Proud to be a Presenting Sponsor for the Equus Film Festival

2019 EQUUS Film Festival, December 5 – 8, 2019
Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington Kentucky
in the Wigley Media Group Theaters

The seventh annual EQUUS Film Festival is the first event of its kind to offer a home to equine storytellers from around the world, through feature films, documentaries, video’s, commercials, and short films as well as cultural elements of fine equestrian art and literature. They are the first to host an On Demand Platform for the EFF films and documentaries.

The dilemma of many people showing horses is where to stay when they are attending an event. Goss RV can offer a solution to your onsite lodging needs. Imagine staying at the showgrounds, close to your horses, in the very finest of luxury accommodations! You now have the opportunity to rent a luxury motorcoach with the arrival of Goss RV into the equine market.

With a unique combination of multi-million-dollar luxury motorcoaches and turnkey travel planning services, Goss RV makes it possible to have a five-star hotel suite on wheels, at any location.  Whether you drive yourself, hire a professional driver, or have your motorcoach set up on-site ahead of your arrival, the Goss RV family delivers white glove services.

The EQUUS Film Festival is now available on-demand, streaming to all your devices.

Visit our website at www.equusfilmfestival.net and like us on FaceBook and Twitter.

EQUUS On Demand http://bit.ly/EQUUSFFOnDemand

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