5 Places You Must See with a Luxury RV

February 11, 2019 | JP De Silva


There’s no denying that traveling in an RV is an excellent way to up your camping game. There are a wealth of amenities that you’d find at different places across the country. It’s no wonder droves of people flock to RV parks each year. But, all RV destinations aren’t created equal. Some are tailored for an action-packed family trip. While others are suitable for lovebirds seeking relaxation and pampering. Looking to take your luxury RV camping experience to a whole new level? These five luxury RV resorts are worth the splurge. Check them out!

Las Vegas Motorcoach (LVM) Resort

Anyone who has been here before will tell that you haven’t lived if you haven’t been to LVM resort. And that’s certainly true. The resort is everything you would want to experience in a top luxury RV campsite. It’s designed to deliver the luxury and attractions fit for a king. Some of the amenities here include restaurant onsite and resort-style swimming pool. In addition, over 400 large, beautifully landscaped coach sites, to name but a few. Located just 8 miles from the Las Vegas strip, the 41-acre resort features state-of-the-art hookups for water, electricity, telephone, and sewer. If you’re looking to experience an RV camping fit for royalty, LVM resort is the place to go.

CreekFire Motor Ranch

It is located off the Interstate 95 in Savannah, Georgia. And it offers a wide range of getaway activities that go beyond a standard campsite. Amenities here include, among others, fine dining, shopping, and golfing. The 105-acre RV and campsite destination also offers water, electricity and sewer hookups. As well as Wi-Fi for electronically dependent luxury RV lovers. Whatever you’re looking for, CreekFire is the perfect place to experience fun and excitement when you want it – and solitude and relaxation when you need it.

Aztec RV Resort

Aztec RV Resort is located in Margate, Florida, a short drive away from the beautiful beaches of Pompano. The peaceful and gated 104-acre community consists of more than 600 large lots designed to guarantee maximum privacy. On top of all that, Aztec offers 5-star services, amenities and plenty of activities for all ages. With world-class dining and shopping just a few meters away, this upscale RV resort is worth every buck.

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Disney’s Fort Wilderness resort exudes the timeless beauty of the American frontier. With armadillos, ducks, rabbits, and deer roaming around. It is nestled into 750 acres of Woodlands. The resort offers the perfect combination of great outdoors and comfort of homes to campers and RVers. Activities here run the gamut from swimming, boating, horseback riding, to biking. Additionally, the resort features over 800 campsites throughout the 21 loops. To ensure maximum privacy. Are you looking to discover spectacular pool areas, charming woodland trails, and entertainment galore? Disney’s Fort Wilderness is the place.

Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort

Hilton Head Island Motorcoach is the resort to go if you’re looking for the ultimate gateway experience. The 50-acre resort is a luxurious destination for RV enthusiasts. With more than 400 beautifully paved lots. Although the resort is located in the heart of the island, shopping and restaurants are within a short walking distance. Amenities offered here include tennis courts, basketball court, large, temperature controlled pool, and full laundry facilities.

We hope this rundown of luxury RV resorts inspires you as you plan your oncoming RV travels. Call us or browse our website to discover an amazing selection of luxury RV rental. Our friendly and knowledgeable motor coach specialists will be glad to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.