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Luxury Holiday

Experience Luxury In Motion

Luxury in every detail

Comfort For The Whole Family

Our premium motorcoaches are designed to elevate your comfort at every step of your journey. With multiple private entertainment suites, every member of your family including seniors, pets, and children, will be at the center of opulence.

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Luxury in every detail

Private Jet Alternative

With access to various premium amenities, your family won't have to worry about long stretches of travel. Once you are welcomed onto your coach, you will have access to luxuries such as the full bathroom, multiple private entertainment suites, a chef-inspired kitchen and much more.

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Stay Connected

All of our premium coaches are outfitted with the latest technology, allowing you to stay connected to both work and play. Whether on the road or at a luxury RV resort, you will have access to your own WiFi network and In-Motion Satellite. You won't have to miss a meeting, your favorite show, or a FaceTime with family when you travel with Goss RV.

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Luxury RV Resort

Rest & Recover

Transform your traditional transportation into the luxury vacation of a lifetime. Allow yourself to see the sites along your trip, stopping to take in the sites and points of interest while you rest and recover.

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RV Drive

Drivers Available Nationwide

We offer private drivers, pick up/delivery and destination set up services to provide a seamless Goss RV luxury RV rental experience from start to finish.


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