Domestic RV Trip Or International Travel?

August 19, 2022 | GossRV

Why sit in the middle seat of an airplane when you can relax in the spacious kuxury of an rv!

You’ve seen all the headlines. “Airlines experiencing massive delays”, “It’s a mess and I’ve never seen anything like it,” “Summer Meltdown,” etc. It’s clear that while international travel is resurfacing post the height of the pandemic, the Airline Industry hasn’t been able to keep up. People everywhere are experiencing delays, luggage being lost, flights canceled and vacations ruined. 

When traveling internationally, you want to make sure you’re seeing all the sites in multiple cities, and even countries. This means constantly packing and repacking your bags. This adds to the stress of travel and can prevent you from really immersing yourself in the incredible surroundings. You can waste so much time packing , waiting in airport lines, and possibly losing your luggage from one stop to the next. 

On the other hand, when traveling domestically in a luxury RV, your items travel with you inside your luxury stay. It provides your family with the freedom to go to multiple destinations without wasting time preparing to travel. We want to make sure that every minute of your once-in-a-lifetime trip through the National Parks is memorable and stress-free! 

Spacious luxury travel

Now picture this alternative adventure. You are greeted by a professional coach operator who introduces you to your million-dollar motorcoach. You’re driven to each luxury RV resort by this driver, giving you and your family the opportunity to really take in the beautiful mountains, shimmering rivers, breathtaking canyons, and more. The motorcoach, even in drive-mode, is incredibly spacious, with private suites for each person. You and your partner are relaxing on a premium leather sofa, enjoying a glass of wine, and seeing the slope of the hills pass by. The younger kids are in their own private bunk beds reading, watching TV, or taking in the views with you. The older kids are back in the master suite playing board games as you did in your childhood. When anyone needs to stretch their legs, grab a snack, or use the restroom, you don’t have to worry about stopping. You have the full freedom to move about the coach, access the bathrooms, use the full kitchen, and spread out.

Experience Luxury In Motion

So why travel domestically right now? The USA is full of culture, incredible natural wonders, and far too overlooked small towns. We want to shine a spotlight on the beauty that this country offers through our tours. When you travel in one of our motorcoaches, you will get to experience what we call “immersive luxury.” By being able to unpack your bags and bring your luxury stay with you to each location, you are given the freedom to spend every minute adventuring, rather than handling logistics. You can feel like a local and see off-the-beaten-path sites with all the additional time! Not to mention our Travel Concierge Service can help you avoid the tourist traps and see what truly makes each leg of the tour special. We wanted to take the stress out of travel and give our guests the freedom to make memories in a luxury motorcoach. So would you really choose to be trapped in the middle seat on a plane for eight hours over the spacious freedom a luxury motorcoach provides? We hope not ;)

Don’t hesitate; book your dream luxury vacation today!