Luxury Accommodations for the Desert Festival

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Burning Man

GossRV Provides Immersive Luxury

Community, Art, and Expression. At its core, this is a festival of celebration, highlighting the creative expression of all who join. We understand the desire to bring comfort to community and the importance of removing the stress of a journey.

Charter Your Coach
Burning Man

Let Us Handle The Details

At Goss RV, we bring a unique perspective to preparing you for your festival stay, backed by over 10 years of experience. We manage all of our rentals in house and even provide logistical support for shipping costumes, E-bike rentals, and Motorcoach delivery prior to the festival. Let the stress be removed from your shoulders and given to us!

Travel Concierge Service

Our Premium Coaches

Our coaches are masterfully created to help you beat the desert heat with 3 to 4 rooftop ac units on each coach. Our coaches have larger Fresh, Gray, and Black water tanks, keeping you cool and comfortable for far longer than the alternatives. There is no need to worry about the details of your stay when you rent with GossRV.

Charter Your Coach

We Provide Caring Service

We provide a grocery service to stock your coach with everything you will need to be refreshed throughout the entire festival. Events are about you and the memories that you create, so let us handle the details to provide a strong foundation for an incredible event.

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