An Unforgettable Adventure In A Luxury RV

August 12, 2022 | GossRV

The Schaefers with their Entegra Aspire XL!

Traveling out west in a luxury motorcoach can feel daunting, especially if you’ve never driven a 40+ foot coach before. Motorcoaches and their features can also be overwhelming to new travelers. So can finding the best RV Resorts to stay in, excursions, and local restaurants. Not to mention, how to make all that fun for both the adults and their kids! The Schaefer family had the same concerns stating that traveling in a motorcoach was a “dream trip” but there, “was a lot of fear involved [beforehand].” They searched for luxurious motorcoach rentals that also provided travel concierge services and found GossRV.

“We are both busy professionals and we don’t have a lot of time to plan a trip by ourselves,” the Schaefers said. They searched online for RV services that provided a specialized trip planner and found GossRV. After reading about our Travel Concierge Service staffed full of expert trip planners, they knew that this would be the best way to travel out west.

Meet the Schaefers!

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” said the Schaefers. Part of what appealed to them about GossRV was the extensive orientation with one of our coach operators. Knowing that they had a “24/7 helpline” where they could call our trained service technician put them at ease. “Silly things happen but his intimate knowledge of the vehicle was helpful,” they stated. The Schaefers rented our 2021 Entegra Reatta Xl which they agreed was a perfect coach for first-time RV travelers and noted that the satellite (exterior and interior) TVs were the family-favorite feature!

“I was nervous [driving] the first few days. Our trip started in Montana and ended in Las Vegas so we went to Wyoming first. It was both terrifying and comforting in the mountains because the speed limit was lower but there were sharp turns,” said Joseph.

Driving the RV

The Schaefers found the coach to be incredibly comfortable during their stay. They hadn't expected it to be so spacious and secure. Heather noted that the privacy blinds cut the vulnerability she was expecting, adding to the all-over luxury feel of the RV. The Schaefers described that driving for five-hour stretches at a time was made easier with the motorcoach. Heather and the kids could walk throughout the coach, use the restroom, and grab snacks and drinks, all while Joseph could continue driving without stopping. “Everyone had their own spaces,” Heather said describing that the older kids loved being able to read in their own private bunk beds or in the master suite during the drive.

The Schaefers all had different favorite experiences on their trip but they all felt that every person they interacted with was passionate about providing caring service. “They love what they do and you can really see that", said Joseph. From Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon, hiking The Narrows, and visiting a real Old Western themed town, to “just the simplicity of climbing rocks” it's safe to say that the Schaefers had the trip of a lifetime! 

The Trip Of A Lifetime!

They even hinted at planning a second trip with GossRV to visit California, Montana, or even going back to Yellowstone! The Schaefers said that working with GossRV gave them, “This feeling like you’re taken care of and not alone. The utmost professionalism.” 

At GossRV we believe that through caring service we can provide families with an unforgettable experience. We believe that anyone can take the trip of a lifetime and become, “the most adventurous [they’ve] ever been.”