The Unique Thanksgiving Tradition You've Been Looking For

October 20, 2022 | GossRV

Fall Family Vacation

As the leaves begin to change color and the air becomes crisp, life becomes a little more peaceful as we start to prepare for America’s favorite holidays. Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays to begin new traditions and reconnect with the people that are the most important to us. We are always searching for unique ways to elevate memories and make them incredible for our family while still honoring the traditions on which we were raised. It can be easy to change up the traditional feast, but that won’t provide an exciting new way to spend the holiday. Are you looking for a way to elevate your traditional Thanksgiving experience? GossRV will help you create a new tradition this year by providing immersive luxury in America’s National Parks.

In the modern age of technology, it can feel as if breaks from work and school are monopolized by screen time and social media. There used to be a better way; when we were kids we spent our holidays playing outside with friends and family and making authentic, life-long memories. We might not remember exactly what we said, what we ate, or who won the family touch football game, but we will never forget where we were and who we were with. Let’s stop chasing likes on social media, and help influence our children to create the same memories we created, all from the unmatched quality time that a luxury motorcoach vacation can provide.

Fall Family Vacation

With premium sleeping accommodations for families of four through ten, GossRV’s fleet of luxury motorcoaches will provide the ideal vessel to create a new Thanksgiving tradition. You won’t be able to compete with the incredible natural sites of Acadia National Park in the fall. With glimmering waterfront views to mountain vistas and fall foliage as far as the eye can see, your whole family, including the grandparents, will be transported to what feels like the epicenter of Autumn. With all of the incredible views and excursions, your whole family won’t feel the need to look at a screen. The Dismer family recently took their kids on an incredible luxury RV adventure during this year's Fall Break and were delighted to see how much closer it brought their family. “My kids are at the age where they ask to watch a show or play on an IPad all the time. At home, it’s a constant battle of me telling them ‘no’ and to find someone to play with. But, once we arrived at our campsite they literally didn’t ask once to watch TV, despite the fact that they each had their own TV in their beds!”, said Whitney Dismer. She went on to detail, “They were so excited about this experience, they immediately went outside to explore. They loved learning new card games and coloring pictures.” The Dismer family was able to spark a new tradition this fall that the whole family enjoyed. She continued, “I think slowing down our pace of life was just so sweet and helpful. They played so much together, enjoyed exploring and being outdoors, they all (including the nine and two-and-a-half-year-old) even hiked 3 miles!”

Fall Family Vacation

Follow the lead of the Dismer family by elevating a long weekend trip. Transform your Thanksgiving Break into an unforgettable luxury family vacation. Our Travel Concierge Team will handle all the details of your tour, so you can enjoy every second of the experience. Picture this: you begin your journey at Acadia National Park, taking in the beautiful sites and topography. Then you will head to Bar Harbor and experience your daily connection with nature through incredible whale-watching excursions. You can even enjoy the incredible cuisine of the region like a freshly caught lobster roll on the shore. From there you might head to Vermont and take in the incredible fall foliage from the aerial perspective of the Cannon Mountain Tramway. As you get closer to Thanksgiving, immerse yourself in American History by visiting the Plymouth reenactment colony. Your kids will be able to see how the Thanksgiving tradition actually began by interacting with pilgrim performers, stepping into the historically accurate accommodations, and seeing how the town would have operated back in the 17th century. You won’t be able to find a better learning experience that will create an unforgettable impact on your entire family.

When it comes to everyone’s favorite aspects of Thanksgiving, Football & the Feast, you may be wondering if a luxury RV has the amenities for a proper Thanksgiving holiday.  Let’s tackle football first; with multiple TVs inside the coach as well as a premium exterior entertainment center, you won’t have to worry about where to watch the game. You could choose to relax in the leather recliners or on the premium sofas while enjoying the game inside the coach or catch the highlights on the exterior TV while teaching your kids how to properly throw a spiral. With our In-Motion DirectTV Satellites, you’ll even be able to enjoy your favorite team play while a professional motorcoach operator drives you to your luxury RV resort. 


In terms of the feast, we will be teaching you how to cook the best Thanksgiving Meal in our next blog, but first, we want to introduce you to the chef-inspired equipment you will have at your disposal. Outfitted with all the amenities you would expect from a luxury residence, you will find an incredible pantry space, a residential-sized fridge, and all the kitchen basics you need in the coach’s kitchen. You can expect to find an induction cooktop perfect for cooking Grandma’s stuffing, and a convection microwave oven where you can cook a turkey! You won’t even have to worry about cleaning up with the premium dishwasher. One of the worst parts of Thanksgiving is fighting through grocery store lines, hoping to snag the last turkey. Let GossRV remove the stress of holiday shopping by giving us your grocery list. Our Travel Concierge Team will happily stock your coach with whatever you may need from party supplies to champagne, to all the elements of Thanksgiving dinner. You won’t have to lift a finger in preparation for the best Thanksgiving experience your family could ever have. 

Fall Family Vacation

Are you ready to experience unmatched quality time with your family from the immersive luxury of a GossRV motorcoach? Don’t just take it from us- as little Hannah Dismer would say, “it is LITERALLY the only way to travel!”