Things to Do at Arches National Park

April 2, 2019 | Jer

Arches National Park

Arches National Park in Grand County, Utah, is home to textures and landforms unlike any other in the country. Known for its sandstone arches, its natural beauty makes it a great destination for travel. Arches national park camping provides a unique experience to cohabit along the famous Delicate Arch. As seen on the Utah state license plate. There are also many other twisty and high rising arches such as the Fiery Furnace and Double Arch. These are great to view on a scenic drive. Or a short hike or enjoy on the numerous other activities the park has to offer. The beauty and vast assortment of arches makes Arches National Park camping a great experience.

Arches National Park Camping and Activities

Arches National Park weather makes spring to fall the perfect time to camp. Hiking is an essential activity if you plan to camp. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or you prefer shorter routes, there are options for both to take in all the scenery. Certain trails only take 15 minutes. Others may last as long as 5 hours. While scenic drives are comfortable and relaxing, there are certain viewpoints that are only visible when hiking. These viewpoints allow you to connect with nature. They give you perspectives of the arches you wouldn’t have otherwise. Some trails allow you to stand directly under the arches or travel directly alongside them. Shorter trails include the Double Arch, Broken Arch, and Park Avenue. Which can still be challenging especially on a hot summer day. There is a much longer trail available for Delicate Arch, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of the park and give you some alone time with nature. If you are looking for a striking sunset view, Fiery Furnace gives off a piercing red reflection, which the arc is named after.

Take Home The Experience With Photographs

Besides Fiery Furnace, there are many other great locations for photography. In fact, Delicate Arch at sunset may even be more popular. The historical context of the park makes photography even more compelling because you never who or what stood in the same image you are capturing. It’s great to know what land feature you want to photograph at what time of the day. Some arches are better seen at sunrise compared to sunset. It is also important to know what background and coverage of certain objects you wish to have. Knowing the ideal lighting for each feature you plan to photograph can enhance your photography experience at the park.

Driving down a scenic country road is relaxing, but at Arches National Park that experience is intensified. Many of the park’s attractions are designed to see from the roads, and if you have a few hours the drive can leave you in awe. Window’s Section allows you to view some of the largest arches and Delicate Arch has a viewpoint from the road as well.

Arches National Park Camping: Have Your Own Luxury Experience

If you wish to bring a tent, Arches National Park offers campsites that are equipped with toilets, picnic tables, grills, and potable water. If you’re RV-ing, however, you may already have many of these essentials luxuriously at your fingertips. The Arches National Park environment provides the perfect mix of comfort and nature for however you decide to camp. If you are riding in a luxury RV such as a Goss RV, you can elevate the excitement of your trip with your prestigious RV. Arches National Park weather can become cold at night in any season, so having a warm place to retreat maximizes the enjoyment of the trip. Viewing the world-famous arches can be a once in a lifetime experience. Having a well planned but still spontaneous schedule can make your trip to Arches National Park an amazing opportunity.