Extended Stay In A Luxury RV

October 5, 2022 | GossRV


Whether you have been impacted by a natural disaster, in the process of home renovation, or moving, GossRV provides luxury extended accommodations. The uncertainty of where you are going to live can be a stressful burden. Additionally, the consideration of proper accommodations and privacy for your group are challenging needs to address. GossRV’s premium motorcoaches are the perfect unique luxury accommodations to help provide you stability during your extended stay, especially those that are unprecedented. 

When searching for an extended stay, hotels can book up fast and not provide you with the actual accommodations that you need for months at a time. While trying local restaurants is fun, it quickly becomes costly and you begin to crave a fresh and healthy home-cooked meal. If your stay doesn’t have a kitchen or a refrigerator bigger than the one in your child’s dorm, you’ll be stuck ordering takeout. Not to mention if you have a large family and are scrambling for a hotel, it can be near impossible to find accommodations with privacy for your whole family. While having that big sleepover can be fun initially, after a while you and your kids will want your own space. GossRV has the solution for the nightmare caused by unforeseen circumstances forcing an extended stay and can transform that stressful experience into the vacation of a lifetime. 


Our fleet of luxury motorcoaches provides all of the accommodations of a luxury penthouse apartment. When selecting luxury RVs, our priorities are coaches with increased safety and privacy measures, a full suite of appliances, and private lounges for your entire group. Let’s walk through your luxury extended stay with GossRV. When entering the coach, you will see the numerous sun shades and privacy blinds that cover every window, allowing you privacy both during the day and at night. As you ascend the steps, you’ll enter the spacious salon outfitted with multiple premium TVs, a cozy fireplace, premium leather recliners, and a convertible sofa. As you walk further you’ll enter the spacious, residential kitchen complete with all the luxury amenities that you would expect to find in the comforts of home. 


You won’t have to worry about ordering takeout every day, as you’ll be able to prepare a variety of meals with the induction cooktop and convection microwave oven. Also, should food or water be scarce, our Travel Concierge Team can stock your coach with all of the necessities. You’ll have everything stored in the residential-sized fridge and freezer, allowing you to breathe easily. Our coaches also come fully stocked with Housekeeping kits, toiletries, and cleaning supplies that you can use in the incredible dishwasher or in the stacked washer/ dryer. On the opposite end of the kitchen, you’ll find a spacious pantry as well as an expandable dinette. You’ll be able to enjoy meals as a family during your luxury extended stay or even set it up as a desk to work from your new home. 


As we leave the kitchen and enter the galley, you’ll find a spacious half or full bath opposed to bunk beds with their own private entertainment suites. Following the galley, you’ll be welcomed into the master suite where you will be treated to a reclinable king-sized bed, a full or half bath, a walk-in closet, and a private entertainment suite. You’ll be able to close the doors when you need some space to read a book or hop on a conference call, while the rest of your family can still experience the amenities throughout the coach. 


No matter the reason for taking an extended stay with GossRV, we can elevate your experience into the luxury vacation of a lifetime. With a plethora of luxury RV Resorts to choose from and incredible sites to see, your luxury stay will travel with you, providing you the freedom to adventure. Don’t get sequestered into an extended stay hotel or staying with relatives during the aftermath of a natural disaster, renovations, college tours, or moving. Instead, take your stay into your own hands and experience luxury in motion with GossRV.

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