Top Luxury Travel Trends of 2023

December 14, 2022 | Goss RV

luxury rv travel 2023

Luxury travel has changed exponentially from the start of the pandemic and even through the return to a more “normal” way of life. But, as we exit the pandemic, we have seen trends within the luxury travel industry that have produced vast changes in how people travel and what we view as important. Prior to the pandemic, there was a massive rush to see the most expensive and luxurious sites, knowing that they are popular due to the mass of tourists.  Currently, we are seeing a shift to quaint and interesting small towns as well as a draw toward natural landscapes. Travel for business stopped completely in 2020, allowing entrepreneurs to reinvent how their companies host events, travel and conduct their meetings in 2022. Whether you are a traveler who is always up to date on the newest trendy locations and excursions or are an inventive entrepreneur wanting to add leisure and luxury to your next business outing, Goss RV can help create customizable and timeless luxury vacations. Allow us to dive into what we think will trend during the 2023 luxury travel season, and how Goss RV can help make these life-changing experiences your reality!

The Rise Of Bleisure (business combined with leisure travel)

If you’ve been following #RVLife online, then you know that there is a massive increase in remote work in our post-pandemic society. Many companies saw that their employees could work from home and be just as productive, and some of those same employees realized that “home” could be anywhere. Many influencers began to document their life on the road in luxury motorcoaches that function as an opulent take on a nomadic lifestyle. They detailed their treks to different National Parks where, once settled, they could get their remote work done with an incredible view! It’s clear that remote work and #RVLife are here to stay, but Goss RV can help with a different take on this trend. 

Grilling Outside RV

With the ability to work from anywhere, it has become easier to prioritize time with the family, without sacrificing the vital aspects of a demanding career. As pioneers of the luxury RV travel market, we have provided the best way to take in America’s beautiful National Parks on a family vacation, while still providing you the ability to stay connected to what is important. All of our luxury coaches are outfitted with a premium Wifi Hotspot so you can work from anywhere in the country! Each coach also contains multiple private entertainment suites, allowing every member of your family to have their own space to unwind or take any work calls. 

Additionally, when considering how to make the annual cross-country team meeting or retreat more enjoyable for your employees, consider utilizing Goss RV’s corporate package. We have the ability to create quick, luxurious, overnight travel to get you cross country with ease, or even host your employee’s stay on a life-changing retreat! You can read more about our corporate offerings here.

Luxury Travel Isn't Going Anywhere

Although inflation has impacted all families and their spending, luxury travel remains a priority. During the first wave of the pandemic, we saw a rise in the necessity of private travel. People were longing for the chance to adventure again without the fear of cancelations and lockdowns. As we are exiting the pandemic, we have seen a return to normalcy in terms of seasonal travel, but at a record-breaking resurgence! People are wanting to make up for the summers lost to lockdowns, deciding to allocate more money to a luxury once in a lifetime experience, than just a traditional family vacation. It's time to Go Big On Adventure with Goss RV and elevate your vacation experience. Make your next trip memorably through the immersive luxury provided by a Goss RV motorcoah.

Small Towns Over Big Cities

Many of today’s travelers are seeking unique luxury vacations in smaller towns rather than massive tourist traps. There is a unique charm to local landmarks that over-commercialized destinations just don’t have anymore! People are wanting an authentic journey with unforgettable experiences. 

Meet the Schaefers!

Goss RV offers turn-key services and customizable tours designed to highlight the local charm surrounding America’s National Parks. Our dedicated Travel Concierge Team has discovered the best small towns and local coffee shops, restaurants, and bars to help you have the most authentic experience. We tailor our services around the notion of “immersive luxury” which allows you to be at the center of gorgeous natural scenery and local establishments, while still having the ability to retire to a luxury penthouse on wheels. Check out our blog, An Unforgettable Adventure, which details the Schafer family’s experience in the town of Moab, and how they were treated like family by the locals.

Privacy Is Worth The Price Tag

We have all seen the headlines talking about the demise of the airline industry. From plane redesigns to maximize the number of travelers on each plane to the endless stories of luggage being lost or mishandled, people are wanting a better way to travel. While the traditional family road trip doesn’t always sound appealing, RV travel has changed this dynamic entirely. Goss RV’s fleet of luxury coaches are designed to heighten your comfort both on and off the road. We offer  professional drivers, which allow you to relax throughout the entire journey, or you can take the wheel and drive the coach yourself! While driving down the road, you and your family will have access to multiple premium TVs that are In-Motion Satellite equipped, allowing you all to watch your favorite channels at any leg of your journey. You will be able to recline on the premium leather couches and captain's chairs while having access to the chef-inspired kitchen and spacious full bath. Travel in a luxury RV allows you to have that hands-off experience that air travel supplies while providing you with unmatched privacy, connection, and space to stretch out. 

Couple inside RV

Another perk of luxury travel in one of Goss RV’s coaches is the ease of transitioning from the road trip to the luxury RV Resort. In other traditional forms of travel, you have to lug heavy suitcases from the car to the airport, then to another car, then to your destination only to unpack for a week and restart the whole ordeal all over again. When you travel with Goss RV, your luxury accommodations travel with you, allowing your family to unpack, unwind, and spend time on what truly matters: the luxury adventure!

Additionally, you can’t beat the incredible accommodations provided by the luxury RV resorts with whom we partner. You’ll be able to take in stunning mountain vistas while enjoying your morning coffee, recline by the fire pit outside, and experience true immersive luxury in America’s National Parks.

Family-Friendly, Multigenerational Travel Is At Its Peak

Recent studies have shown that families are traveling together more than they ever were before! Family reunions are shifting from the standard get-together to multigenerational vacations! Southern Living even detailed such by stating, "Family reunion trips and multigenerational getaways are excepted so see an increase in 2023..." With many families considering the "lost years" of 2020 and 2021, "extended families [are] finally making time to meet up with one another and make memories to last a lifetime." There is a new need to create experiences that are intriguing for the entire family and can inspire traditions for the generations that follow. The only challenge can be planning a luxury vacation with family accommodations that suit your whole family’s needs without compromise. We decided to take the stress out of travel by offering a fully hands-off Travel Concierge Service. Your concierge will get to know your family and each of their needs and interests. Then, they will plan out a full itinerary with excursions for the whole family including dinner reservations at the best local restaurants and various stops along the way to truly make your trip magical! They can even stock your coach with food and beverages that your family needs throughout your trip while adding surprises for your children! We have stocked coaches with gifts for family members' birthdays, decorated the kid’s bunks with fairy lights, and even transformed a coach into a Winter Wonderland for our holiday travelers! Anything is possible and stress-free when you work with our Travel Concierge Team.

The Trip Of A Lifetime!

Off-the-Grid Vacations Are IN

Lastly, we are seeing a trend of “unplugging” in nature and vacationing the way we did with our families years ago. People, now more than ever, are craving true family connection that isn’t interrupted by alerts and screen time. Many families are struggling to find a way to get their kids to put away their phones and enjoy the company of family and the natural landscapes around them. While all of our coaches are outfitted with internet, satellite, and premium TVs, we have found that all of our families rarely feel the need to use these amenities! The Dismer family even detailed that their kids never once asked to watch TV on their family vacation, and rather took advantage of the environment they were in. Their children played together on the RV resort playground, went on numerous hikes and adventures, and asked daily when they could travel in a luxury RV again! You can read more about their adventure here.

Why sit in the middle seat of an airplane when you can relax in the spacious kuxury of an rv!

The luxury travel industry will continue to change as more people enter the market. Goss RV is dedicated to providing turnkey, luxury services to all of the families who rent with us. We offer nine fully customizable tours that support local communities and feature incredible natural landmarks across the country. Instead of wondering if you will travel in 2023, instead ask yourself where you will go with Goss RV in 2023. The new year is only a few weeks away making it the perfect time to start planning a life-changing luxury experience! You can read more about the Benefits of Booking Early on our blog.

Are you excited to create timeless, yet on-trend memories in 2023? Connect with our sales specialists at (770) 288-9135 today and book your next unforgettable experience!