The Benefits Of Booking Early

August 31, 2022 | GossRV

Jackson Hole

How much time do you think you need to book a multi-stop trip across the United States in one of GossRV’s premium motorcoaches? A week? A month? A year? With our Travel Concierge team, we can plan trips from just a few weeks to a year in advance. When creating the trip of a lifetime, there are many factors that cause booking early to be more beneficial than booking the same month, but at GossRV anything is possible!

During the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, GossRV experienced a massive surge in luxury RV travel. We were able to create unforgettable experiences for so many families! Not only is luxury RV travel safer than traditional airplane travel, but our guests learned quickly that this form of immersive luxury was an incredible way to see the United States. Many of our clients noted that travel with GossRV was a stress-free experience due to our Travel Concierge team providing a custom experience. Our team will plan every aspect of your trip, ranging from luxurious overnight accommodations to adventurous excursions as well as dinner reservations and any logistical details. With this increase in luxury RV travel we in turn saw added demand for luxury RV resort spaces. When creating the trip of a lifetime, be sure to start early so that GossRV can ensure you and your family the ability to book the most desirable locations.

Luxury RV Resort

When renting with GossRV, there are multiple routes (pun intended) that can transform your experience! Our team will help you select the perfect luxury motorcoach for your trip. From there, you can choose the level of service and adventure that suits your desires. Hire one of our Professional Coach Operators to drive the coach while employing our Travel Concierge team to plan every part of your trip. Or choose your own route and drive the coach yourself, while planning your own excursions. A common theme among our guests is that handing over the duties of driving and planning to our professionals allows them to be fully present to enjoy their trip with their family or guests.

Don’t just take our word for it- the Schaefer family, a recent GossRV client, started their planning nearly a year in advance. After initially considering the selection of a smaller motorcoach, our seasoned associate Jordan Rhye, walked Mr. Schaefer through a few other options given the lengthy trip and many miles they would be driving.  A larger coach was the better choice for the family given the need for comfort and space, so Jordan was able to upgrade their selection. You can read more about their experience here

Hiking the Narrows

Joseph Schaefer wanted to experience driving the coach. When getting to know their family, Jordan knew that one of the smaller coaches wouldn’t provide them with the space they needed. “The Odyssey is a great coach, especially for our Florida Tour, but what the Schaefer family needed was our Reatta,” Jordan said. The Schaefers noted that the larger coach ended up providing each family member with their own private space. It made it even more luxurious for the kids, who could read in their own private bunk or in the master suite. 

“While the coach upgrade was a huge benefit to booking early, I was mainly focused on securing the best luxury RV resorts! When you go out west during the busy season and have a quick turnaround, it can be challenging for our Travel Concierge team to put you in our favorite resorts,” Jordan continued. By giving them a whole year to book resorts, excursions, and routes, the Schaefers were able to secure the trip of a lifetime with ease.

Throughout their tour, the Schaefers stayed at multiple luxury RV resorts and found all of them to be full of fantastic amenities, which provided their family the opportunity to make memories that would last a lifetime. “They [the luxury RV resorts]  all got better and better”, said Heather Schaefer. She detailed that “all [the resorts] were updated, clean, and had friendly staff.” The Schaefer family felt like they were around like-minded people, lots of young families focused on adventure. They were around plenty of pets and pet amenities, hot tubs, and basic necessities such as laundry. 

Heather particularly enjoyed their last luxury RV resort called Ruby’s RV Park by Bryce Canyon. She said that the whole family loved being immersed in the old-timey western village with “real cowboys”, “lots of history,” and, “the best gift shop of the whole trip!” Heather continued, “It was real cowboys! Guys in wrangler jeans, flannel button-downs, cowboy boots, and a gun and a holster and I was like is this real? These were real cowboys!”

The Schaefer family also enjoyed the Portal RV resort in Moab, which was their first full-service luxury experience of the trip. They especially liked the pool access they had, how close to town it was, and most importantly, the charm of the area. They detailed that the town of Moab was “12 years behind the world in being updated,” giving the town and its people a unique charm.


“[In] Moab [the] taxi man Damien was so funny. It was just him and some younger guys picking up families. He was the nicest guy you ever met,” Heather detailed. She continued about how they tried to pay him upfront, but he insisted that they wait until their ride home. He made sure to note what time their excursion was over so he could be back to pick them up without worry. He even offered to take them to his favorite local ice cream shop! The Schaefers joked that this experience with Damien made them feel cared for and at home, stating, “Our dad is picking us up later!” 

“Hearing how happy this experience made their family is why we do this job,” Jordan said. “[With] the amount of time they allowed for our Travel Concierge team, we were able to plan the very best trip for their family,” he continued. Are you ready to experience immersive luxury like the Schaefer family with GossRV? Click here to get started!