Planning the Ultimate Bonnaroo Experience

March 5, 2019 | JP De Silva


Bonnaroo festival is, by far, one of the best things you’ll ever experience in your life. It’s big, fun and everything you’d ever want in a massive tailgating party. With this year’s Bonnaroo schedule out, it’s time to start preparing for the event. Making it through this festival isn’t easy, though. The weather, the elements, and walking all combine to make the experience challenging. But, being super organized with your planning will really pay off. In this blog, we’ve compiled vital tips to help you plan effectively.

Pack Smart

There are different schools of thought on festival packing. While most people pack as they would for a hike, others show up with just a wrist band and some dance moves. If you fall in the latter group, however, you’ll, in next to no time, become that person at the campsite constantly borrowing things; this could get quite old for neighbors or friends. To make your stay easy and comfortable, you’ll have to bring along the essentials. These include food and drinks (a lot of water), cooking stove, utensils, and coolers. Your clothing checklist should have something for every weather – from cut-shorts, tank tops to rain boots. For campers, a full camp gear – tent, tables, hammock, sleeping bags, and blankets – will come in handy. On top of all this, carry some cash and don’t forget to come with a positive attitude. You never know when you might need it most.

Getting There

The trip to Bonnaroo is, in fact, half the fun. To get most out of it, plan your route, make sure you have enough gas, find some good music, pick your friends, and start your journey to rural Tennessee. Keep in mind that arriving early enough will help you get a good spot. With the busy traffic on Wednesday night, the best time to get into the site is Thursday morning. You’ll make it through just fine as long as you drive safely, obey the speed limits, and don’t bring illegal substances.


The tent city is another world unto itself. If you want to get the best spot at the Tent-Only campsite, you need to be early enough as spaces are filled on a first-come, first served basis. Go VIP if you want to secure a campsite next to Centeroo and the main venue. Once you get a campsite, pitch a tent before anything else; this will help get into the Roo action as soon as possible. From here on, have an open schedule, and an open mind – Bonnaroo is all about meeting new people and experiencing new things.


Even if you’re a party enthusiast, four days and nights of partying can really drain you. Coupled with the high temperatures and walking around, it’s likely that exhaustion will creep up you. Nothing can kill the buzz than passing out and having to be taken to a first aid tent. To avoid this, you’ll have to recharge. Staying cool and hydrated is a surefire way to do this. Therefore, bring along some light colored clothes, sunscreen and provide some shade for your campsite. Your luxury RV may be a great place to relax and unwind after your days festivities.

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