Plan a College Tour in a Luxury RV

December 19, 2019 | Brianna

College Tour

College choices can be overwhelming, but the best way to help with that decision is to visit each campus. If you have a teen that is beginning to think about which college to attend, there is no better way to cover more ground and be comfortable than in a luxury motorcoach rental from Goss RV. Spring and summer are ideal times to visit colleges, and you can throw in some fun stops to break up the academic research.

Family Trip

With a five-star hotel on wheels, you can unpack once, have a kitchen on hand, a washer and dryer at the ready, and all the other amenities of a luxury motorcoach. Goss RV has coaches available all over the country, so you can have one delivered right to your door, at the airport of your choice, or wherever you need it. We can also provide a private driver so you can work, relax, or just spend quality time with your teen.

A Few Things To Consider When Planning Your Trip

Begin with a list of schools that you would like to visit and make sure you can schedule a tour. Think about the route you want to take to visit each school, making sure to include some fun along the way. Many schools do not offer tours on the weekends, so plan your extra stops during that time.

John's Hopkins University

Be sure and consider all your camping options, which can include campgrounds, state and national parks, luxury RV resorts, and maybe even on campus. Call the admissions or public safety office to check on-campus parking. Universities may allow you to park in the stadium parking lot, but this will need to be arranged ahead of time. There really is no better way to get to know a school than by staying in the middle of it all. However, sometimes there aren’t great camping choices nearby, particularly in urban areas. Instead, look outside the city for a location that has access to public transportation.

You may want to invite others to join you… combine forces with friends to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. And if you have family or friends along your route, include plans to see them…interacting with others can help keep you sane!

College students

After you tour multiple college campuses, they will all start to run together. Make sure you and your student take good notes after each orientation session and tour.

Most of all, have fun! There are rarely opportunities to spend so much time with your teen and visit beautiful college campuses. It’s a great chance to think about their future and what they want out of life. A luxury motorcoach from Goss RV is truly a wonderful way to share this experience. Call us to get your college adventure started.