Are RVs the solution to your luxury transportation problem?

September 28, 2022 | GossRV


It’s understood that our time is limited. Everyone wants to make the most out of their day-to-day, but there are always things that are out of our control. Your daily commute can feel tiring, no matter how good your podcast or radio show is. Long road trips, battling through airport security, or just the time it takes to get from A to B feels like an exhausting trade to reach your destination, rather than an opportunity to appreciate the journey. We want to introduce the idea of “transporcation," a way to help you enjoy both the journey and the destination making a vacation out of your traditional travel.

Many people migrate from the North to the South during winter to avoid less than ideal weather conditions. There are many cases of this lead-up to migration causing stress on the party involved. There is only so much space in a car for your material items, and when leaving for six months, it’s better to have too much than leave that one item you didn’t have space for. So much time is wasted pulling over for meals and  bathroom breaks. GossRV has the perfect solution to change this mundane form of travel into an incredible adventure. 

Picture the alternate form of transportation: a luxury motorcoach. Forty-Five feet of stunning custom crafted coach to elevate your comfort every mile of your journey. When you call GossRV to inquire about our options for transportation, whether it be for business or seasonal migration, our incredible sales team will find the perfect coach for your needs. They’ll direct you to our Travel Concierge Team who will help transform this trip into a luxury vacation. You’ll be introduced to your professional motorcoach operator who will drive you the entire way, allowing you and your guests to take in the sites together, spend some much-needed quality time, and relax during what would normally be a stressful undertaking. They will help map out incredible landmarks and luxury excursions along your path to keep you energized and excited during the "transporcation."

Spacious luxury travel

You won’t have to worry about unpacking your bags and staying at hotels, you’ll be riding in a luxury penthouse on wheels and can turn in for the night as your operator drives you to your next destination. There is no need to stop for snacks, bathroom breaks, or to stretch your legs. You’ll be able to experience spacious opulence and the ability to access multiple bathrooms, the full kitchen, and various cozy lounge areas. With built-in wifi and In-Motion satellite, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite channels while on the road, or take those work calls, making the most out of your journey rather than being stuck in the air or unable to work while driving. GossRV will transform this otherwise mundane routine and stressful trip into a luxury adventure, filled with relaxation for you and your group. Additionally, choosing a motorcoach over a jet or other transportation options allows for better accessibility for the elderly. We provide operators who, through their dedication to caring service, will help make the stay comfortable for our guests. They can assist with carrying bags and boxes onto the coach and store your items in the spacious bays. Additionally, a luxury coach provides an incredible amount of space for older adventurers to feel like they have the freedom they need to be comfortable as well as the ability to move around the coach when necessary. 

couple in rv

Additionally, our coaches are friendly and welcoming to any of your four-legged family members! Instead of having to sedate your pets and leave them in the “care” of airline officials, you can bring your friend with you onto the coach. They will be able to experience the same luxury as you, lounging by the fireplace or on one of the premium leather couches, enjoying the sites right alongside you. GossRV strives to provide comfort to your whole family, including the fur babies. 

So what will your choice be? The traditional and stressful commute or the luxury "transporcation" of a lifetime? The choice is simple. Take this opportunity to create your own adventure and make the most out of your journey with GossRV. 

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