The Top 3 Places to Travel this Winter

May 30, 2018 | Jer Goss

Winter Road Trip

For most of the year, you can find warm, sunny destinations to visit in the U.S. Only for a few months, however, can you take a road trip to experience the magic of a winter wonderland. There’s something about a dramatic white landscape and a clear night sky that makes you forget all about the cold. Here are our favorite places, in no particular order, to experience what winter has to offer.

1. Minnesota/Wisconsin. If you venture up north and take state route 13, you can explore the jaw-dropping ice caves on the shores of Lake Superior. If the ice is solid enough, you can walk through these caves for a truly other-worldly experience. This region also provides excellent skiing destinations and spectacular Christmas lights festivals.

2. Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge is arguably the most famous skiing spot in the U.S., and that’s not without reason. The mountains of Colorado are second to none, and few people know that you can avoid the crowded ski resorts by road-tripping and staying in a RV resort. Tiger Run is very well rated, but there are dozens of other spots to choose from, too.

3. The Norman Rockwell Countryside. This road trip through New York and Pennsylvania captures the quaint beauty of east coast winters. You can experience city attractions, like ice skating at the Rockefeller Center, and wild wonders, such as the evergreen forests of Allegany State Park.

If you’re a sun bunny, we recommend taking a winter trip even more so you can be surprised by the beauty, stillness, and even comfort of winter. If you’re a snow junkie, we hope you make the most of these winter months!