Travel with your entire family – pets welcome!

November 20, 2019 | Jer

Traveling with pets

Traveling with pets or service animals can be challenging, but our pets are family and Goss RV is a family business. Many resorts and rental properties aren’t always accommodating to animal owners. But the good news is that most of the luxury motorcoaches you can rent from Goss RV do allow pets. Treat them to a luxurious journey with their favorite people and bring them along! Here are the top reasons why a luxury motorcoach is right for you and your pet.

Flights can be difficult and stressful for your pet

For pet owners, flying with their four-legged family members is the opposite of a relaxing belly rub. Airlines require that your pet be in good health, proven via a statement from your vet. Pets must fly as cargo or be small enough to travel in the cabin with you. When you traveling in a luxury RV, none of these issues are a concern. Your pets can rest in safety and comfort, with you!

traveling with pets

Stop when and where you desire

Does Fido need a potty break? Stop whenever you need it. In addition, pups can get in a short walk and sniff all the new smells surrounding them.

Pet-friendly resorts

Many motorcoach resorts realize that people travel with their pets and often provide amenities for your four-legged friends. Some even provide dog parks, agility courses, drinking fountains, and dog grooming facilities. It’s always best to check with individual resorts before you go to find out about their pet amenities and policies.

dog with RV

Enjoy the great outdoors and sleep in the same place at night

Just like you, pets love to get outside as much as they love having a familiar and comfortable place to spend the night. Your trip plan can include great dog-friendly parks or beaches; some restaurants will even allow your canine companion to dine with you on the patio. And everyone loves familiar smells and beds to come home to.


Tips for traveling with pets in an RV

As with any trip, you’ll want to make sure you pack all of your pet’s essentials: food, medications, bowls, beds, toys, and current ID tags. Don’t forget medical records, in case of any emergencies, and a photo in case you get separated. And always be smart and safe with your pet on the road: restrict their movement in the coach while driving by using a crate or harness. And if there is any question as to whether your pets will be comfortable when left alone in the RV, please don’t leave them.

Goss RV can help you create an ideal itinerary with pet-friendly resorts and things to do with your furry pal. The luxury lifestyle shouldn’t be just for you; treat your favorite companion to a journey they will actually enjoy!