Give The Gift Of A Life Changing Experience

November 30, 2022 | Goss RV

Luxury Christmas

Leading up to the holidays, we try to find the most unique and exciting presents to give our family and friends. We all know that feeling: feeling stuck by trying to out-do the prior years' gift giving in finding a unique gift for the person who has everything. You don’t want to add clutter or get them something that they’ll use once and then discard. Finding meaningful gifts for children can be even more challenging! You want to give them a gift that isn’t a mass produced toy or gaming console that will be outdated by whatever new trend appears…but you also want to get something that they will actually enjoy. Another goal of Holiday shopping is to buy from small, family forward businesses with shared values. We at Goss RV are the perfect solution for this Holiday gift-giving dilemma! Not only are we a family owned and operated business dedicated to doing good, but we provide unforgettable experiences for all of the families who travel with us! This year, give the gift of a life-changing experience to your loved ones by renting a luxury motorcoach with Goss RV.

I remember growing up, receiving the toy catalog and circling every shiny thing that looked like it would be the most incredible gift to receive. I was a marketer’s dream as I circled almost every toy while never reading a single price, description, or detail. I’m sure my family experienced the same struggle that I face too - how to provide joy to my children this year with a gift that is meaningful and educational with long lasting impact. In keeping with those goals, we believe that you should consider giving your children the gift of life changing impact through an incredible, luxury, family vacation! Goss RV has a vast fleet of luxury RVs that will elevate the comfort of your entire family for the adventure of a lifetime. 

What is a luxury RV? If you are not familiar with the spacious luxury offered by a Goss RV motorcoach, allow me to walk you through one! You will be welcomed into your luxury stay by a professional coach operator who will educate you on all the amenities, private entertainment suites and features you will have access to during your stay. While in drive-mode, you and your family will have access to premium leather seating, a residential kitchen, a spacious full bath, along with satellite entertainment! Should you hire the coach operator for the extent of your trip, you will be able to relax in the premium leather recliners and take in the scenery while enjoying a book or your favorite team on the premium LED TVs. Once you arrive at a luxury RV resort, the driver will extend the home via the air-slides, causing the space to nearly double in size! You will have pure freedom to roam about the cabin, cook dinner for your family in the chef-inspired kitchen or spend time just taking in the incredible scenery outside. What could be better than grilling outside surrounded by glimmering mountain vistas while enjoying the big game on the exterior TV? 

Besides the spacious luxury you will experience both on and off the road, you will be amazed by the impact this immersive luxury experience will have on your children. Many of our families have found that, while there are multiple private entertainment suites and televisions throughout the coach, there is a certain magic to RV travel that brings the family together. There is something incredible about the ever changing scenery, seeing your first snowfall, and gazing as the incredible wildlife passes by. We love seeing our client videos of children watching in awe as a buffalo crosses the road or taking in the vast beauty of the canyons. We hear often from parents that kids want nothing to do with IPads, TV’s or phones during their trips as they are fully involved in the scenery and adventure. Parents watch their children bond in ways they have not seen before…often reminding them of their own childhoods! You’ll be amazed as your children beg to visit the luxury RV resort playground, race throughout the canyons, and relish the natural scenery around them. The Dismer Family recently went on an incredible adventure with Goss RV, (you can read more here) and experienced this exact phenomena. Whitney Dismer said, “My kids are at the age where they ask to watch a show or play on an IPad all the time. At home, it’s a constant battle of me telling them ‘no’ and to find someone to play with. But, once we arrived at our campsite, they literally didn’t ask once to watch TV, despite the fact that they each had their own TV in their beds!” Provide your children with a gift they will always cherish; this is the time to make memories that will forever change them. 

Fall Family Vacation

If you don’t have children, but want to surprise your significant other with a life-changing luxury experience, we have a multitude of “couples coaches” that can comfortably sleep two to four people. You can surprise your partner with a pre-planned, luxury excursion to America’s National Parks where you won’t have to lift a finger. You are able to hire our Travel Concierge Team, who can tailor a trip to meet you and your partner’s needs and interests, stock the coach with any champagne, food, and beverage you want, along with booking incredibly romantic dinners at luxury local restaurants throughout your journey. Hire a driver to take you to each destination as well as to keep you on schedule for the incredible excursions our team books for you. You’ll be able to hike the Narrows, ride horseback through the canyons, see the snow covered peaks of Yellowstone, and then share an incredible meal with your loved ones in the charming small towns. This Holiday season, surprise your loved one with the gift of an incredible luxury vacation that can even rival and outdo a honeymoon!

couple in rv

Maybe you know someone who has always wanted to go on the adventure of a lifetime with Goss RV or have already booked with us for a future trip. You can surprise your loved one with a trip upgrade that will transform the already incredible experience to the height of luxury. Elevate their tour through funding the upgrade from an Entegra to a handcrafted Prevost Marathon. Prevost Marathons are a step above the already luxurious Entegra with handcrafted features and a smoother ride. You can buy them the gift of a customized tour and experience through purchasing our Travel Concierge Service for their trip. Our dedicated team of expert experience agents will tailor a tour specifically to the interest of your loved ones and will book them incredible excursions that will create lifelong memories. They will also provide them with any food and beverage items they would need, making sure that they are pre-stocked in their coach upon their arrival. You can also elevate the comfort of a loved one by purchasing the professional coach operator service for their trip! This will allow them to be fully hands-off, take in the sites throughout the entire trip, and have more time for family connection. Lastly, consider renting a luxury RV for a Superbowl tailgate as the ultimate holiday present for the football fan in your life! Our coaches can be rented for events large and small as well as for fully customizable vacations!

When choosing where to allocate your hard earned funds, it is important to find a company that shares your values. For over 20 years, Goss RV has been the pioneer of luxury RV travel while remaining family owned and operated. It is our commitment to every family that rents with us to provide the best possible experience through caring service and unmatched industry knowledge.  We strive this Holiday season to provide life changing impact for each person that rents from us and to elevate their family vacations to the height of luxury.

Are you interested in giving the gift of a life changing experience this year? Speak with a specialist today at (770) 288-9135! We cannot wait to transform the lives of your loved ones through unforgettable memories.