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A Luxury Travel Experience for the High Net Worth Client

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Help your clients dream of the possibilities to get out there and explore. Step inside to enjoy a virtual tour of one of the luxury RVs in our fleet.

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Featured Tours

Nationwide Tours

GossRV offers 8 pre-planned nationwide vacation tours that are uniquely curated. Interested in something more custom? We have a dedicated team of travel experts that help plan all RV trips.

Pre-Planned Nationwide Tours

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The Canyons Tour

Explore the stunning canyons and create an unforgettable experience through our planned and fully customizable luxury RV tours.

Exploring the West Coast

Explore the West Coast’s legendary beaches, wine tours and unique outdoor recreation.

Common Questions

How much does the average trip cost?

The average trip is 7 days and costs $32,000 with a driver. Each trip is curated unique to each client, and the cost varies by coach, location, and length of trip.

How much commission can I expect to make?

Most travel agents can expect a 10% commission.

What tours are available?

We have a number of preset tours available. If your client is interested in a custom tour, we are happy to curate a unique experience. Our dedicated team of planning professionals ensures a seamless luxury RV experience. Visit our luxury travel tour page for our most popular tour packages.

How many people can fit in a coach?

Most coaches in our fleet can sleep between 4-6 adults comfortably, and many of our coaches sleep more! 

Do you need a special license to operate?

No special license is needed to operate a Class A motorcoach. A general license is required.

Are packages all-inclusive?

Many of our packages are all-inclusive (driver included, tour curated, etc.); however, all packages are custom-built. Please reach out to us for more details on the unique packages.

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