Luxury Motorcoaches

The New Frontier in Luxury Travel.

In 2020, we saw a 346% increase in rental requests, and since 2017, we’ve tracked a 146% increase in the average RV vacation investment.

Now is the time to invest.

GossRV is the only RV company that provides end-to-end, nationwide luxury motorcoach experiences through charters, sales and owner services.

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2020 Year in Numbers

With over 20 features in national news outlets, GossRV experienced vast growth in RV rentals during 2020. GossRV’s fleet of over 150 meticulously maintained, smoke-free recreational vehicles available for rent is the largest and most trusted in the country.

Luxury Coaches: A Modern Way to Travel

In 2020, the number of luxury family vacationers choosing the RV lifestyle doubled. From month-long Florida stays to cross-country explorations, 2020 was the year of luxury travel. RV rentals and vacations will only continue to grow in 2021, providing more opportunities for return on your investment.

Top earners in 2021 expect to make $150,000+ from renting their RV.


Common Questions

Why should I invest in a motorcoach?

Upon purchasing a motorcoach, you have the unique opportunity to earn income on your vehicle by placing it into the GossRV rental fleet. Our top earners expect to make upwards of $150,000 next year. The average owner makes 12% of the purchase price of their vehicle each year of rental.

How do you take care of my motorcoach when I'm not using it?

We offer indoor and outdoor storage for your motorcoach. We also have plans to maintain your vehicle, keep it cleaned, and handle any insurance claims that may arise.

Who rents the vehicles?

We serve families, companies, events, racing teams, and more. The majority of rentals utilize professional drivers for their trips, and many utilize the motorcoach for a stationary event in which the coach does not travel.

Isn't the process cumbersome?

At GossRV, our aim is to make owning a motorcoach a seamless experience. With GossRV, you can store, maintain, and rent your vehicle with us. We’ll handle the details so you can enjoy your coach. Whether you choose to rent your coach or not, we can handle your experience end-to-end.

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