Burning Man

August 25, 2024 | Black Rock City, NV

Burning Man

Burning Man

Burning Man is back in 2024! We are excited to provide luxury RV rentals for Burning Man on August 25 - September 2, 2024. Our Travel Concierge team is experienced in providing unforgettable festival experiences through our luxury RVs. Our team will deliver your luxury RV and ensure that it is fully stocked with everything you need for an enjoyable and epic festival experience.

Experience the Desert like never before

Co-create in style and in comfort when you rent a luxury motorcoach from Goss RV. Our luxury RVs are at the event every year and provide sleeping room for up to eight people and plenty of running water. Contact us to rent the perfect luxury motorcoach for the event on Aug. 25 - Sept. 2 near Reno, Nevada.

Our Premium Coaches

Goss RV offers the most exclusive and luxurious fleet of luxury RVs anywhere in the country.  Offering the most spacious floorplans, multiple A/C units, larger holding tanks for water and sewage, our premium coaches will keep you cool and comfortable far longer than any other alternatives. View All Coaches >>

Goss RV Provides Immersive Luxury

Goss RV is the recognized leader in the luxury motorcoach industry and we bring a unique perspective to your festival stay. Backed by 10 years of experience with this festival and over 20 years of experience in the luxury RV space, we exist to provide our clients with unparalleled levels of service and luxury for your festival experience.

Let us handle the details.

Allow our Goss RV team to elevate your Burning Man experience by allowing us to manage the details:

  • Travel Concierge Options – white glove to service to stock your coach with food and beverage, manage packages/deliveries among a host of other services

  • Fully Inspected and Cleaned Coaches

  • 5 Free package shipments to your coach prior to pickup

  • Convenient pick up and drop off at a nearby RV park

  • Fully reserved coach – no last minute cancellations

Learn More about the Burning Man GossRV experience and book your luxury RV for the long awaited 2024 Desert Festival!