Grand Canyon

the grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is a great place to visit. It’s renowned for massive expanse of gorges, ridges, and red rock formations that reveal millions of years of geological history. Anyone who has been here before will attest that the canyon is not just a tourist attraction; it’s an outdoor paradise. With awe-inspiring and impressive sites to see, this is a place you should visit at least once in your lifetime. If you are planning to go during the peak tourist season, the place is often bursting at the seams, and preparation can be overwhelming. But don’t fret, we’ve got your back! Our staff at Goss RV are experts in canyonland logistics to ensure you experience an enjoyable and near effortless trip, no matter when you visit.

When to Visit?

There’s no bad time to go for Grand Canyon vacation. Each season presents its own level of beauty. While summer is everyone’s favorite time, it’s packed with tourist swarms. Spring and fall, on the other hand, are great – fewer tourists and less crowded. However, if you want to enjoy easier parking and shorter lines, visiting in the fall of winter will be your best bet. Be advised that North rim remains closed during winter months.

How to Get There?

Usually, most people show up to Grand Canyon driving themselves. But, you can take a train to South Canyon if you find dealing with the hassles of driving unbearable. This option offers a lot of wildlife spotting. If you’re flying, we can pick you up at your preferred airport. With a professional driver taking care of every detail, you’ll have the flexibility and freedom to savor the view.

Best Things to Do On Your Grand Canyon Trip

Canyon has a wide range of iconic activities to make your vacation epic. There’s typically plenty of new things to see, explore, tour and try. Even though the main attraction here is actually seeing things in person, you can do more than just gawking. These include;


While looking at the canyon from the rim might seem satisfying, getting in the nitty-gritty of that hole in the ground on a hike is more adventurous. The range of scenery through hiking trails is incredible, from narrow slot canyons to cool pine forests and everything in between. If you’re remarkably fit, hiking rim-to-rim in a single day can be a fantastic experience. However, with miles to cover and temperatures getting hotter at the bottom, canyon hiking shouldn’t be taken for granted by anyone. Be sure to take precautions and bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Stand on the Grand Canyon Skywalk

Located outside on the Hualapai Indian reservation, this horseshoe-shaped skywalk extends out almost 70 feet over the canyon. Its 4-inch thick glass bottom allows you to walk out and look straight down or peer over the railings to see the canyon and all of its massive vertical abyss.

Other things to do include:

Taking a Desert Jeep Tour or a Scenic Drive

  •          A helicopter tour over the Canyon
  •          River Rafting
  •          Watching the sunset
  •          Riding a mule

Make Your Grand Canyon Trip Fascinating With Goss RV

With all the activities and places to go in Grand Canyon, visiting in a luxury RV can help to maximize your adventure. Unfortunately, there are limited RV parking and camping options. But freak out! At Goss RV, we can work with you to schedule tours and make early reservations for you. We have different Grand Canyon vacation packages customized to fit your needs, time and budget. Talk to us today to explore the canyonlands in a luxury motorcoach.