Our travel experts work with you to create an effortless and unforgettable experience.

Partnering with Goss RV means you are choosing the pioneers of luxury RV experiences. Our expertise ensures every decision and detail adheres to the highest standards.

What does trip planning include?

  • Our experienced trip planning team provides you with a personalized itinerary and route for the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Trip planning includes route planning, luxury RV resort recommendations and private excursion suggestions specifically researched and compiled for your family.

  • We utilize our unique connections to book and secure the best sites and excursions for your trip.

How does the trip planning process work?
Select the perfect coach for your trip.
Our trip planning team will reach out for interests, hobbies, and must-see stops.
We’ll send you a proposed itinerary to ensure your family has the perfect experience.
Enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

Trip Planning Pricing Breakdown

  • $895 Trip Planning Flat Fee
  • $150 per day of trip
  • 20% Convenience Fee on Bookings

Need changes on the go?

Our trip planning team can provide on the ground itinerary changes to fit your unique needs**.

**On the ground trip planning – including daily changes to the itinerary – should not be expected without a premium trip planning fee added to your rental. Trip planning and logistics are solidified by GossRV and verified by the client no later than 36 hours before departure.

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