A girl dancing at BonnarooEach June, all roads lead to rural Tennessee for the famous Bonnaroo festival. The four days and nights of hedonistic escape and musical debauchery transforms the gorgeous fields of Manchester into a city of its kind. But, just for the weekend. If you’re fun loving, the event presents the perfect opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a festival environment. You’ll join thousands of other hedonists and big names in the entertainment industry. Whether you want to enjoy a new festival experience or meet new people, this event got lots of that, and so much more.

While the 700-acre farm allows plenty of space for camping and RV adventure, a set of new challenges awaits. Traveling with your complete festive gear (tents and everything) can turn your experience into a nightmare. It’s even worse if you’re flying and your carrier has strict luggage limits. Sometimes, sleeping on the ground might not be so much fun. The sun, per se, is enough to turn your tent into a sauna during the Tennessee summer. And, of course, ruin your festival fun. That might sound devastating already but don’t worry. That is where we come in. At Goss RV, we provide RV rentals to ensure you enjoy a 5-star luxury experience. Your own comfy bed, bathroom, and air conditioning.

Bonnaroo Schedule: When and how to Arrive?

Usually, Bonnaroo festival starts on Thursday running through Sunday. But, it’s not unusual to find gates open on Wednesday evening. And, before the wee hours of Thursday, the place is jam-packed with an unending sea of brake lights stretching to Nashville. It’s important to get there early enough to stake out a camp spot close to the main festival area. However, that can sometimes prove difficult. With our destination set up services, we can help you get a spot where the action is. Without having to fight the notorious last-minute traffic.  Our staff are experts in Bonnaroo logistics to ensure an unforgettable experience at this festival.

What to Bring Along?

Although each campground section has amenities like showers and restrooms, it’s a no brainer that you’ll need basic gear. These can be anything from toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bug sprays, headlamps, flashlights, coolers to sleeping bags and blankets. To complete your ensemble, however, you will have to dress for the occasion at all times. That means you’ll certainly have to bring with you a lot more. From sneakers and boots for dirt and mud, hats and sunglasses for shade to practical bandanas for sweat and dust. But, why not take the stress out of rocking your festival look choice with our Luxury RV Packages? Our luxury travel experts can help you make your trip effortless and memorable.

RV Camping at the Festival

Bonnaroo’s camping is usually included in the price of a general admission ticket. VIP passes often get preferential access to a VIP lounge and exclusive bathrooms. While camping might sound like a good idea, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the luxury you so much deserve. Sometimes, getting a spot away from the bathroom areas or directly next to high traffic areas may not be that fulfilling. Traveling with a bunch of camping gear might not be something you really want. At Goss RV, we’ve got your back! With our wide variety of RV rental options, we can help you enjoy your privacy while still having a camping experience you love.

Whether you are a Bonnaroo veteran or planning to your first visit, count on us to redefine your experience with a luxury motorcoach. Call our friendly customer representatives to schedule the oncoming Bonnaroo 2019 festival.