Earn income when you invest your coach with Goss RV

Goss RV delivers motorcoach owners a first class and hassle-free experience through providing unparalleled end-to-end services. Explore the benefits of investing your motorcoach into the Goss RV fleet. 

Experience the benefits of investing your motorcoach into the Goss RV fleet. 

Our experienced team of professionals are here to assist you every step of the way.

  • We can help you find and purchase a motorcoach
  • Goss RV can store your luxury motorcoach in one of our nationwide storage facilities 
  • Our team of experts can help you with the maintenance of your coach
  • We’ll handle all the details of renting out and insuring your coach
  • When you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll even help you sell you coach

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Hear from Our Current Investors 

For 26 years our family provided broadcast production trucks for the major networks to produce live sporting and entertainment events, so we were most sensitive to the quality of service that we had to deliver. For the last eight years, we have placed our cherished family Prevost Marathon Coach in the hands of Goss RV. Time after time, they have treated our vehicle as if it were their own family motorcoach. Most importantly, attention to detail has always been their motto. The end user of the coach has as professional a team as there is in the business. The Goss management team is 24/7 and has resources that can meet and solve any issue that may arise.

The attention to detail is what has impressed me the most. Be it a family using the coach or a corporate event, they have the managerial expertise to deliver to the client at an AAA level (by the way, when you call Ken he calls you back!). Last but not least, when I was recently diagnosed with cancer Ken and his family took care of both me and the motorcoach. It is a family affair, with everyone focused on the client’s well-being.

Joe W.

You will enjoy the experience of dealing with this company. Theirs is a very unique business that is run in a highly professional manner with very high moral and ethical standards. It is a pleasure to do business with all of them at the company.

Quite by accident my wife and I stumbled upon Ken and the Goss RV Inc. team when we were interested in buying a luxury property that could give us substantial tax benefits that would be maintained in outstanding condition. Our last property that fit this criterion was a very nice 43-foot catamaran in a rental fleet in the Caribbean.

Ron & Danielle W. - Oregon

Your questions answered:


What do you mean by invest?

Upon purchasing a motorcoach, you have the unique opportunity to ear income on your vehicle by placing it into the Goss RV fleet. Our top earners expect to make upwards of $150,000 next year. The average owner makes up to 12%-15% of the purchase price of their vehicle with about 10 weeks of rentals per year.


Can I receive tax benefits when I invest my motorcoach?

Using a five-year depreciation schedule for income tax purposes, you can take 52% during the first two years. You may even qualify for a Section 179 deduction (consult with a tax professional for more details).


Who rents the vehicles?

We serve families, companies, events, racing teams and more. The majority of rentals utilize professional drivers for their trips, and many utilize the motorcoach for a stationary event in which the coach does not travel. Each renter goes through a vetting process to ensure that they are qualified and meet our standards to rent.


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