Hoover Dam

Located 26 miles southwest of Las Vegas on the Nevada-Arizona border, Hoover Dam is one of the world’s most remarkable artificial structures. What’s more special about this engineering feat is that it does not only serve as a hydroelectric power source but provides water to millions of people across the southwest of the United States. Coupled with its remarkable infrastructure, it’s no wonder nearly a million people take Hoover Dam tours every year, with millions more driving across.

The Incredible Construction Story Behind Hoover Dam

The idea about Hoover Dam was first conceptualized back in 1928 but not until 1931 did the construction begin. By 1935, contractors had already completed the concrete placement at the dam.  Although the project was expected to extend to 1938, everything else was complete to its entirety by March 1, 1936.

During the construction, the dam workers were housed at the nearby Boulder City. This town has immensely developed over the years and now offers a perfect destination to enjoy great shopping and restaurants.

Hoover Dam Tours

If you would like to experience more enjoyment, plan to take a Dam Tour. The visitors center is your starting point. Here, you learn about special events, get opening hours, and you can make your reservations. You may also want to take a power plant tour to experience a combination of presentations that provide a comprehensive view of the gargantuan dam and its operations. Except on Thanksgiving and Christmas, the visitor center remains open on a daily basis from 9 am and closes at 5 pm.

Stopping for A View

If you have driven across the Dam before, you’ll attest to the fact that this amazing structure is so inviting. Luckily, stopping to take a gander is allowed, so you can pull over and take a photo. Be sure to do this safely by looking out for many pullouts. A helpful rule of thumb is never to consider stopping on the street.

The best bit about the dam is that you can enjoy the views at no costs at all. There’s free parking across the Dam. From here, great photo opportunities are almost as abundant as the concrete at the Dam. You can learn interesting facts plastered along the way. At the height of 900 feet, the Hoover Dam Bypass across the river just downstream is another marvel of engineering that offers magnificent views. Be sure and time the time to look at it.

Food, Shopping, Lodging

Whether you’re stopping for a view or taking Hoover Dam tours, you have a rare opportunity to shop for a souvenir or grab a meal, all thanks to a gift shop and the food concession at the dam. Restrooms are in almost every place, from the parking garage, the visitors center, in the downstream face on top of the dam and next to the Old Exhibit Building.

What’s more special about this incredible feat of engineering is that it is less than 20 minutes from plenty of lodging options at Lake Mead. If Las Vegas is your preferred location, there are numerous luxury RV resorts just less than 40 minutes from the Dam. These include, among others, Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort, Thousand Trails Las Vegas RV Resort and Riviera RV Resort.

Visit This Famous Las Vegas Hoover Dam With Goss RV

If you are planning to take your RV tour to the Southwestern United States, there’s every reason to include this engineering feat in your bucket list. The team of experts at Goss RV can help you with everything including planning your Las Vegas travel itinerary. Contact our customer support to learn more about our RV rentals services.