Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant

Company Overview

The pandemic has changed the way people interact with one another, dine out, and travel. While many industries have been devastated by the pandemic, the RV business is booming! Goss RV has the largest fleet of 45-foot luxury motorcoaches in the US. We are the only RV company that provides end-to-end, nation-wide luxury motorcoach experiences through charters, sales, and owner services.

Goss RV was founded and operated by the Goss family. Strong family and faith values inform and guide every business decision which ensures utmost commitment to quality and service. Goss RV has the most comprehensive experience and knowledge in the luxury RV industry. Our nationwide presence and partnerships provide an inventory of unique products. We are on a mission to continue our growth and create more unforgettable experiences for the people we serve!


Role Description

We are seeking a results-driven, motivated, and strategic ‘closer’ who is laser-focused on building a strong sales pipeline within this booming industry. This is a high-volume sales role, and we are looking for someone who is highly organized and efficient with their time.

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll be responsible for speaking to inbound leads, prospecting, understanding what type of trip potential clients are looking to take, and building value for why Goss RV is the perfect partner.

Inbound Lead Management – Responsible for initiating contact with a potential client in a timely manner. Quickly and efficiently qualify, and convert the lead into an opportunity, or Closed Lost.

Research & Preparation - Responsible for knowing the coach inventory for Rentals and Sales, and staying attuned with trip destination trends. It’s a must to research and prepare sales materials for each Sales Opportunity such as build sheet, maintenance records, rental program information, pictures, and video.

Pipeline Management - Responsible for generating and nurturing sales opportunities through various sales channels. This includes reaching previously lost business and retaining previously won clients.

Execute Sales Events - Work with the sales team to create, organize, and execute sales focused events such as RV Shows, Boat Shows, and other networking events.

Assist Sales Strategy & Implementation - Assist in building and implementing short term and long term sales strategy alongside the VP of Sales. Identify key markets and targets to best grow the market.