Coach Operator - Contractor

Coach Operator - Contractor

Company Overview

GossRV exists to deliver unforgettable RV experiences. We are the only RV company that provides end-to-end, nation-wide luxury motorcoach experiences through charters, sales, and owner services. GossRV was formed and operated by the Goss family. Strong family and faith values inform and guide every business decision which ensures utmost commitment to quality and service. GossRV has the most comprehensive experience and knowledge in the luxury RV industry. Our nationwide presence and partnerships provide an inventory of unique products. We are on a mission to continue our growth and create more unforgettable experiences for the people we serve.

Role Description

As a Coach Operator, you play a pivotal role in helping GossRV continue to grow and become the industry leader in providing the most luxurious RV experiences in the U.S. On a day-to-day basis, you will be responsible for many various types of trips. The most common trip for a coach operator includes driving the client each day to different destinations included in their trip itinerary. Additionally, you will be transporting a coach to a client, owner or repair shop in different locations throughout the U.S. Your goal as a Coach Operator is to provide top-notch customer service for clients in order to create a unique luxury RV experience.


  • Embodies GossRV’s core values: Ownership, Integrity, Loyalty, Earnest, Done

  • Keen attention to coach and client safety

  • Strong time management skills; respect for punctuality

  • Problem Solver

  • Flexible and willing to adapt to meet a client’s need

  • Ability to overcome challenges

  • Eager to learn best practices and grow in this role

  • Strong Communication skills


Responsibilities include:

  • Providing safe and efficient transportation for clients throughout the U.S.

  • Check coach systems periodically before, during and after trips to confirm working properly

  • Complete proper coach documentation through WhipAround

  • Keep track of all expenses and receipts through Expensify app on every trip

  • Frames every decision through the lens of the client and providing luxurious experiences

  • Treat all trip related information as proprietary/confidential.

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