Meet the Flanagans!

Meet the Flanagans!

Meet the Flanagans!

This summer, Greg Flanagan, his wife and their two daughters, headed West for some family time in the Canyons. Renting an RV for a family vacation had been a plan of theirs after hearing the amazing adventure story from a friend. So they decided to hit the road and make the best of their summer!

Greg and Holly planned the trip with the goal of spending quality time with their two daughters, Lucy (15) and Audrey (13), and creating new family memories. And did they ever! Goss RV helped plan one excursion or rental activity every day, and their route included a national park at every stop.

Prior to their road trip, Goss RV helped plan their route and itinerary from start to finish, taking into consideration that they had never experienced the Canyons before and wanted to check off as many national parks as possible.

Where they Traveled

The Flanagans flew to Las Vegas and began their trip at Grand Canyon National Park where they explored the Grand Canyon Rim Trail. During their time here they did plenty of hiking and rented bikes to discover the wonders of the Grand Canyon.

The next day, they ventured to Lake Powell for hiking and spent some time kayaking on the lake. On their hikes, they explored several trails, including Dam Overlook, Hanging Garden and the Chains.

During the second day at Lake Powell, they rented a boat, went tubing and visited the famous monument, Rainbow Bridge. “It was amazing, a watersports Mecca,” relayed Greg.

After their tour of the Grand Canyon National Park, the Flanagan family headed to Zion National Park in Utah and stayed at the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. While in Zion, they participated in a Jeep tour of Slot Canyon Exploration, which also involved hiking and rappelling the incredible rock features.

From Zion National Park, they continued their tour of the Canyons with a stop at Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon. After a hike, they then departed for Bass Lake near Yosemite National Park. They hiked up to several “really cool waterfalls and found swimming holes thanks to some guidance from our tour guide, Alex. All within about 20 minutes of Bass Lake!”

The Flanagans then ended their road trip at Yosemite National Park, where they scheduled a private guided tour. This customized tour of America’s first national park held a full day hike of Yosemite, where they visited Mariposa Grove and Glacier Point. Both locations offered gorgeous hikes and took them to observe El Capitan, Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Falls and more. “We had an unbelievably great experience. I would highly recommend for families with teenage kids. Our guide was super accommodating, yet pretty adventurous and pushed us to do some cool stuff.”

From Yosemite, the Flanagans dropped their luxury RV off in San Francisco and enjoyed a few days of exploring the city before heading home. “We were sorry to see the RV portion of this vacation come to an end, but we have had an amazing time.”

Take your life (and learning!) on the road.

Take your life (and learning!) on the road.

What better time than now?

With virtual learning and extended work from home policies in place for the foreseeable future, families are rethinking all things fall and planning for disruption. Commute times, school calendars, and family sports schedules have taken on new meanings (or have been removed altogether). But it’s not all bad!

“Many [Americans] are happier, more efficient and want to hang onto the benefits when the pandemic ends.” (Cramer, Maria and Zaveri, Mihir. (2020, May 5). What if You Don’t Want to Go Back to the Office? The New York Times.)

Working from home has provided new flexibility for many, allowing for more time to exercise, spend time with family, and take on new hobbies. The summer vacation season can be extended, and families can travel while staying connected to both work and school.

With the opportunity of e-learning at hand, “there are fewer chances of students missing out on classes, as they can access easily anytime from the comfort of their home.” (Pinto, Ryan. (2020, June 15). E-learning: The Advantages and Challenges. Entrepreneur.) This case can also be made with e-learning on the road. 


E-Learning Can Happen Anywhere


“E-learning can happen in any place, as long as there is a device and connectivity. A physical class requires the student to come to school but in this mode, the student can access lessons sitting anywhere in the world.” (Pinto, Ryan. (2020, June 15). E-learning: The Advantages and Challenges. Entrepreneur.) Not only does this permit flexibility to work from anywhere in the US, without falling behind in school, but it also allows children to take in the rich history of different cities all over the country.

With the understanding that working and learning on the road makes individuals and families happier and more fulfilled, why not work with the best views from all over the United States?

Take your life on the road this fall. Experience New England in all her glory as the leaves turn, or make the trip down to Blue Water Keys RV Resort and work while overlooking the Atlantic.

Make the most of your fall. What better time than now?


Meet the Mehigans!

Meet the Mehigans!

Meet the Mehigans!

This summer, Nina and John Mehigan took their kids, including the family dog, on the road to explore the spectacular US sights. “We came to Goss RV as first-time RVers. We knew we wanted to take a family vacation with our 3 children, twin 8-year-olds and a 6-year-old, this summer, and while googling RV trips, I stumbled across Goss RV. The website and Instagram were beautiful and professional, so I thought I would give them a call. And the rest is history as they say!” said Nina about booking her family’s journey with Goss RV.

Goss RV’s team of dedicated trip planners navigated the new COVID-19 guidelines across the country, including openings and location closures, to customize the best itinerary for their family. From routes to travel to which RV parks to encamp, to excursions at each US national park, Goss RV helped plan their trip from start to finish.


“From the time I called to booking our trip and traveling, Goss RV took care of us in every detail. The trip planning team put together an amazing itinerary for the Canyons tour, and the excursions we booked with them were phenomenal to say the least. They also helped us extend our trip when we weren’t ready to leave!”  

Where they Traveled

With several ideas in mind, the Mehigan family decided to tour the canyons of the US. As first-time RVers, they set out on a 10-day journey out west with the goal of an unforgettable family vacation. In early June, the Mehigans departed for Utah from their home in California.

During their trip, they stayed at a variety of RV parks, their favorite being Zion Ponderosa Ranch. The resort offers amenities, such as a personal firepit, a pool and jacuzzi, and a sports center, while campground activities included, zip lining, skeet shooting, rock climbing and more.


While in Utah, they explored Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. During their time at Bryce Canyon the Mehigans marveled at the four main viewpoints, Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Sunset Point, and Sunrise Point. Towards the end of their time at Bryce Canyon, they participated in a guided ATV tour, where they ventured out to lesser known parts of the region, including winding drives through Ponderosa Pine forests to the rim of the canyon.


Throughout the trip, Goss RV’s service team was sure to check in on the Mehigans to make sure their time on the road was running smoothly. “Their drivers service team gave us a thorough driving orientation to teach us how to handle such a big coach, and the tech team was with us throughout the trip to ensure we were comfortable with the many buttons, lights, fluid, etc.”

As they ventured on to Arizona, the family stayed at Wahwheap RV park and visited Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell, where they went on gorgeous day hikes and cruised the lake. During their stay at Wahwheap, they also ventured out to Glen Canyon and visited Rainbow Bridge, the highest natural bridge in the world.

Towards the end of their trip, Nina and John took their kids to Grand Canyon National Park. Throughout their time there, they took the kids on many stunning, private and self-guided hikes, walked the South Rim to the Rim Trail, and rode bikes, from Bright Angel Bicycles, to end their adventure in the canyons.

On their trip home to California, they were already planning their next family RV trip. “We cannot give this trip high enough marks! We are already planning to go to Yellowstone next year. Thank you for an unforgettable family vacation! We can’t wait to be back on the road.”

A Viable Self-Contained Travel Option

A Viable Self-Contained Travel Option

Taking Every Precaution

As government restrictions begin to gradually lift on domestic travel, families and individuals will need to take every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as they return to a post-COVID life.

GossRV is making every effort to ensure a self-contained and safe experience for vacations,  transportation, and temporary housing. We use a high-grade, EPA-registered and OSHA approved disinfectant on all RVs after rentals. As a company, we have doubled down on our regular cleaning program. If you hire a driver for your experience, all drivers will follow strict guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable motorcoach experience.

According to the CDC and WHO, disinfecting surfaces is a key way to minimize the spread of viruses. We are vigilant about staying up-to-date with CDC guidelines, and we are taking all necessary precautions for your safe RV trip.

All the vehicles within our fleet are 100% self-contained with a kitchen, a washer/dryer, and all other needed amenities.


Where to Travel

Our team of dedicated trip planners are navigating openings, closures, and new guidelines across the country to develop the most up-to-date and comprehensive tours to ensure that you and your family can still travel safely. Our newest tour to the Southwest begins in Salt Lake City, Utah and ends in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our suggested locations include:

Salt Lake City, Utah  |  Salt Lake City KOA
Virgin, Utah  | Zion River Resort
Sedona, Arizona | Distant Drums RV Resort
Sante Fe, New Mexico | Sante Fe KOA Journey
Planning on RVing?  Don’t Forget to Bring High-Quality Firewood

Planning on RVing? Don’t Forget to Bring High-Quality Firewood

When preparing to take a trip in an RV, it’s important that you bring high-quality firewood. Renting a luxury RV from an industry-leading company like Goss RV will open the doors to a world of new outdoor adventures, some of which include sightseeing, camping and tailgating. Regardless of what RVing activities you have planned, though, premium firewood will create a more enjoyable and memorable trip.

You Can Easily Build Fires Using High-Quality Firewood

It’s frustrating when you finally pull up to your RV campground, only to discover that all the local wood is wet and soggy from a recent rainstorm. You may go through an entire box of matches trying to light it, all to no avail. But you can avoid this headache by bringing high-quality firewood. The kiln-dried firewood sold at Cutting Edge Firewood has been dried for 12 times longer than the kiln-drying standard created by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). As a result, it’s incredibly easy to light, often requiring just a single match with a small pile of tinder and kindling.

RV Campgrounds May Prohibit You From Gathering Local Wood

Even if you’re able to find dry wood at your RV campground, you may not be able to collect and use it. Many parks, campsites and RV campgrounds prohibit visitors from gathering local wood. If there’s an erosion problem at your campground, for example, officials may require you to bring your own firewood. Fallen tree limbs and branches protect against soil erosion by disrupting the flow of water. But if you collect and use this local wood, the soil will become susceptible to further erosion problems. By bringing your own firewood, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can build fires at your RV campground or destination regardless of whether there’s a ban on collecting local wood.

You Can Build Hotter, Cleaner Fires

When you’re sitting around the fire in the evening, you’ll experience more warmth and less smoke by using high-quality firewood. The amount of heat and smoke produced by a fire is influenced by the quality of the firewood used. High-quality firewood produces more heat and less smoke than low-quality firewood because of its low moisture content. With its low moisture content – usually 10% to 20% – kiln-dried firewood produces a more efficient combustion process in which a greater amount of the wood is burned and converted into heat, making it ideal for RVing.

To make your fires even hotter, consider the following tips:

  • Only use kiln-dried firewood.
  • Arrange your firewood in a traditional tipi style, meaning the individual logs are placed in a circle as they lean into each other at the top.
  • Blow on your fire to fuel it with extra oxygen.
  • Build your fire in an open area so that wind can blow into and through it.
  • Keep your firewood dry by storing it in a safe, sheltered area until you are ready to use it.

You’ll Become the King of Grilling and Smoking Foods

Good food and RVing go hand in hand. After a long day of driving on the road, there’s no better way to unwind than by feasting a homemade meal in front of a fire. High-quality wood will allow you to grill and smoke more delicious foods by adding a unique flavor to whatever you cook. From chicken and fish to beef brisket, pork chops, ribs and steaks, you can use high-quality wood to enhance the flavor of your foods.

Unbeknownst to many people, different varieties of wood offer different flavors when used for cooking. Hickory wood offers a strong flavor that’s both smoky and sweet, whereas pecan wood offers a milder, nuttier flavor. Feel free to bring several types of high-quality cooking wood when RVing. You can then experiment with the different types to see which one works best.

High-Quality Firewood Completes the Tailgating Experience

There’s no substitution for high-quality wood when tailgating. When tailgating, you’ll need to bring two things to cook delicious food: a grill or smoker and the right wood. After driving up your tailgating destination, you can pull out your grill or smoker to begin the cooking festivities.

High-quality wood, especially cooking chunks or chips, will inject flavor-rich compounds into your food. You don’t have to rely strictly on wood when cooking at tailgating party. On the contrary, many tailgaters prefer a combination of both charcoal and wood. Just a handful of high-quality cooking wood chunks or chips will enhance the flavor of your food. Be warned, though, other tailgaters will likely venture towards you once they catch the aroma of your grill or smoker, so you may want to bring extra food just in case.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a month-long vacation, don’t forget to bring high-quality firewood when RVing. With its ability to burn hotter and cleaner, it outperforms locally gathered firewood in almost every way.

Written by Brent Willingham