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See New Mexico’s Spectacular Sights-New Mexico

Great Cities to Visit in New Mexico:

  •         Albuquerque

  •         Santa Fe

  •         Rio Rancho

  •         Las Cruces

  •         Roswell

5 Fun Things to Enjoy in New Mexico:

  •         Taos Pueblo: Occupied for a millennium, this village just outside the town of Taos is a great place to visit to see the ancient desert way of life. The impressive architecture built against the Taos Mountains features a multi-story residential complex.

  •         Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad: Ride this historic railroad that travels across the 10,000-foot Cumbres Pass and the Toltec Gorge. The whole family will love riding this narrow gauge train pulled by a steam engine.

  •         Taos Ski Valley: Just outside of Taos, the mountains rise to 12,000 feet, where visitors will find incredible ski slopes in the winter and exhilarating biking trails in the summer.

  •         White Sands National Monument: Sun-bleached sand dunes rise 50 – 60 feet high in a gypsum landscape continually reshaped by the wind. Covering 275 square miles, these massive dunes look like snow-covered hills, and sand-sledding is a popular family activity.

  •         Gila Cliff Dwellings: Hundreds of years ago, the Mogollon people made homes in five caves built into the side of a cliff near the historic mining town of Silver City. Visitors hike a mile-long trail to get to this incredible site first preserved by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1907.

Major Convention Centers:

  •         Albuquerque Convention Center: This stunning event complex in the heart of downtown Albuquerque boasts 270,000 square feet of space, making it a great location for trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, conferences, and more.

  •         Las Cruces Convention Center: For smaller events, this convention center located near New Mexico State University will serve well. With 55,000 total square feet of space, the LCCC is a great place for conferences, business meetings, and small conventions.

National Park Services -

Fifteen national parks and 1,135 listings on the National Register of Historic Places.

  •         Carlsbad Caverns: Explore both the incredible scenery of the Chihuahua Desert above ground and the spectacular sights of the massive caverns below ground, including the Big Room, one of the largest naturally-formed underground chambers in America.

  •         Aztec Ruins: This 900-year-old pueblo includes one house with 400 rooms to be explored, offering a window into the distant past of life in the desert.

Racing Fans!

While New Mexico is not home to any NASCAR-sanctioned races, the Sandia Speedway in Albuquerque is a great destination for racing fans. With a clay oval, a paved oval, and a flat track, the Sandia Speedway hosts races nearly every weekend from February through October.

Motorhome rental New Mexico
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